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Frequently Asked Questions

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Who will I live with?

We take great care, wherever possible, to match all prospective housemates with a household that suits their social background. Wherever possible, housemates of a similar age and background will be offered accommodation together. However, we do not discriminate on any grounds including grounds of age, gender, race, religion or disability.


Where do I keep my food?

Each housemate has their own kitchen cupboard for storage of dry foods, such as tea-bags, pasta, etc, along with a shelf each in both the fridge and the freezer as an absolute minimum. Many of the larger houses have double range ovens in order that two people can prepare separate meals at the same time. Of course, everyone works and keeps different hours, so it will be very rare (if ever) to queue for the oven.


What happens if I have a dispute with another housemate?

Because we endeavour to match housemates with each other, we very rarely have housemate disputes. However, we are always on hand to take calls about any such concerns. Initially we usually suggest that housemates attempt to resolve any disputes between themselves. If this proves impossible, we will attempt to mediate any dispute, provided that adequate steps have been taken within the household to resolve problems internally. If a settlement can’t be reached, it is possible that we can offer one or both parties alternative accommodation in one of our other properties. Essentially, provided that housemates respect that, as well as sharing kitchen and a bathroom facilities, each shares with the others a noise environment, there are rarely disputes. Frankly, what happens behind your bedroom door is your business, provided that it doesn’t adversely affect anyone else in the house.


Who are TelfordRooms.com?

TelfordRooms.com comprises a managing director, a marketing and lettings manager, a permanent maintenance manager and various office, cleaning and gardening staff.


Can I advertise my spare-room with TelfordRooms.com?

No. We only advertise our own properties that are managed and owned by ourselves.


How long can I stay?

As long as you would like! We’d love it if you made your permanent home at one of the houses operated by TelfordRooms.com, but we do understand that life changes. We do operate a minimum contractual stay in order to minimise the disruption to the household and to comply with relevant contract law. Our longest stay so far has been over 10 years!


Can I stay weekends?

We may own the house, but it’s your home, 7 days a week.


Where do I park?

In nearly all cases, the properties have ample off-street parking, and this will be shown to you when you come and view. In a few cases, where parking is tight, other arrangements have been made, and these will be explained to you at the time.


What does fully furnished include?

Pretty much everything. We pride ourselves on the fact that all you need to move in with is a toothbrush and your clothes. Every room has at least: A double bed (unless otherwise stated) complete with a mattress and displayed with bedding including pillows, duvet, sheets and a full duvet and pillow case set that matches the room (arrangements can be made for you to keep the bedding if you do not have your own). Each room has a wardrobe, drawer space, a computer desk/TV table and a bedside cabinet. In many cases there is even more furniture – but never crowded and always tastefully chosen and intelligently arranged. You are free to reorganise your room as you like. We even have blinds or curtains on the windows, paintings on the walls and lamps in the corners! Each house has at least: A washing machine, cooker, kettle, microwave, toaster, iron, ironing board, clothes line or airer, dishwasher (in some houses), vacuum cleaner, sofa’s and TV, all utensils, crockery, glassware, pots and pans, etc.


Am I allowed guests?

We may own the house, but it’s your home. Boyfriends, girlfriends, family and friends are all allowed. However, each housemate is responsible for the conduct and behaviour of their own guests and a guest that stays over more than 3 nights a week is not allowed as this counts as “living there” and is subject to various legal issues, not to mention undue overcrowding.


Do I have a lock on my door?

Each door is solid and sturdy and a solid and sturdy lock is fitted on most doors, with keys held only by you and a spare by us. Access by TelfordRooms.com will be preceded by reasonable notice wherever possible, except in an emergency – like the bath leaking through your ceiling – and even then, we’ll call or text to inform you we’ve entered, ensuring any tradesmen are escorted at all times and your door is locked behind us. This is very rare.


Are my belongings covered for insurance purposes?

Unfortunately we can’t insure someone else’s belongings, so insurance for your possessions is your responsibility. However, there are insurance companies who specialise in house-share insurances, and a typical cost for this area is between £65 - £100/ year.


What bills are included?

All of the following are included in the price - fair and normal use of gas, electricity, water, communal council tax, wireless internet broadband (where supplied), a regular cleaner (minimum of 25 per year), and a gardener. 


How is my rent paid?

In advance, either weekly, fortnightly, 4 weekly or calendar monthly depending on how you get paid. We accept bank transfer and debit/credit cards but our prefered method is by standing order. Standing order is a convenient and secure way of paying your rent that doesn’t require you to see or be inconvenienced by us.


Do you take DSS/DWP?

All applicants need to be able to pay all costs in advance to include the first months rent in advance. They must either be able to pass our affordability tests or have a property owning guarantor who can cover the rent. 


Do I share a bathroom?

Some of our rooms have their own lovely en-suite bathrooms, if you’re applying for one of those, lucky you! If not, be aware that there are never more than 4/5 people to a bathroom and very often, many less. Most of our houses have separate toilets and some have multiple bathrooms. Of course, everyone works and keeps different hours, so it will be very rare (if ever) to queue for a bathroom.


Can I decorate my room?

No – however all rooms are professionally decorated a light and airy white – which means by changing the pictures on the walls, the duvet colour etc, you can very easily personalise a colour scheme for your room.


Can I bring my own furniture?

You can add furniture to that which is supplied, but no furniture must be removed from the room. Basically if there’s plenty of room, then yes you can, if not, then no you can’t.


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